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New Seeding with Mother Nature

When seeding a disturbed area a lot of times Mother Nature may not cooperate with our plan.  She can contribute to major overheads that were not factored into the job.  Well let me tell you of three things to ask your ATS rep about to help prevent a catastrophe from Mother Nature.

First, the seed.  Seed selection is a major contribution to the prevention of mother nature’s wind and water outbreaks.  You need to think about the environment your seeding  and how fast you want to establish vegetation.  Different seeds germinate faster than others.  Water can carry your seed off of any elevation change and if the wind start blowing first, there’s good chance your seed might just blow away.

Second, your fertilizer.  Fertilizer selection can compliment your seed and soil.  When time is of the essence fertilizer can help speed up the process.  It will allow the seed to grow in and establish much faster.  This can shorten the time of vulnerability to mother nature.  Don’t forget a soil test can help determine the proper fertilizer desired.

Last, but definitely not least, your cover.  This, in my option, is the most important part of the process.  Your cover is what will hold down and protect the seed so that it doesn’t move from the spot you put it.  There are a lot of options for this.  These options consist of mulch, tackifier, straw, netting, and blankets.  When using mulch or straw with tackifiers, this will require special equipment for proper installation.  When using blankets or netting don’t forget your staples or pins.  Staples and pins should be applied one staple per square yard in most applications.  If anchored properly blankets and/or netting should be permanently installed and left to photo degrade.  Do not pull up!





So with all this being said.  If Mother Nature ever gave you fits during a new seed job.  You might look at how you skinned that cat and see if there might have been a better way!

Thanks for reading my blog!!!

Roy Smith
T&O Sales Representative

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