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10-2-14 with 0.103% Dimension®

The Andersons 10-2-14 w/ 0.103% Dimension®

• Combination fertilizer and Dimension® preemergent herbicide.
• Contains NS-54™ coated slow release nitrogen
• Provides preemergent control of crabgrass and other listed annual grasses and broadleaf weeds.
• Provides early postemergent crabgrass control in limited conditions.
• Consistently sized particles reduce segregation potential
• Small particle formulation provides more particles per square inch for better coverage.
• Forty percent of total nitrogen derived from NS-54™

N (10%): 0.78% ammoniacal nitrogen
                9.22% urea nitrogen*
P - as P2O5 - (2%): Ammonium Phosphate
K - as K2O - (14%): Potassium chloride
Cl (11.83%): Chlorine Max

Active Ingredient: Dithiopyr (0.164%)
*4.79% slowly available N from polymer coated sulfur coated urea.

Product Type: Combination fertilizer, Dimension® Herbicide
Nitrogen Type: NS-54™
Particle Size: SGN: 150
Net Weight: 50 lbs.
Coverage: 9,000 Square Feet @ Medium Rate


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