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TrimecĀ® 1000 Low Odor

Trimec® 1000 Low Odor

A proprietary mixed-amine formulation.Trimec® 1000, contains MCPP and dicamba with two forms of 2,4-D – DEA (diethanolamine) and DMA (dimethylamine) for a total of four (4) ingredients. The combination of these two forms of2,4-D is classified as a ‘mixed-amine’ with unique control activity that occurs when they are combined.

• Proven ingredients including the unique DEA 2,4-D
• Low odor
• Control of deep-rooted perennial weeds
• Economical formulation
• Visual activity includes stem curling and yellowing
• Premium inerts
• Can be applied in temperatures up to 90° F
• Controls most weeds in 14 to 21 days
• Rain-fast in 8 hours
• Reseed in 3 weeks

Packaging: 2.5 gallon


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