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Triamine® Jet Spray

Triamine® Jet Spray

Triamine Jet Spray is the same three-way amine formulation of Triamine in a convenient aerosol can for spot treatments. With the Optical Advantage®, Triamine Jet Spray is formulated to use a purified form of MCPP, known as the optical isomer. An improved manufacturing process selectively produces the portion of MCPP that is active as a herbicide, and minimizes the inactive MCPP. Therefore, the customer receives a final product with virtually the same amount of working MCPP, and a reduced total load in the environment.

• 2, 4-D, Mecoprop and Dichloprop amine formulation
• Convenient premixed formula in an aerosol can
• Foam marker shows treated areas
• Excellent for quick spot treatment applications

Packaging: 12 x 23 oz cans/ case

a.i.%: MCPA - .326%, Mecoprop-p - .164%, Dichlorprop-p - .161%


Standard shipping methods include:

  • - Forklift delivery from each warehouse location to surrounding areas
  • - UPS, Fed-Ex and/or DHL depending on location

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