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T-Zone™ Broadleaf Herbicide for Tough Weeds

Post-emergence broadleaf weed control in home lawns, golf courses, parks, commercial property, schools, sod farms, roadsides and cemeteries, especially where rapid visual results are an advantage.

Provides exceptional broadleaf weed control in cool-season turfgrasses. T-Zone™ contains four active ingredients including triclopyr ("T"), a proven ingredient for hard-to-control weeds.

When the tricloprysis combined with sulfentrazone ("ZONE"), it makes T-Zone fast-acting with visible activity in hours. Weed death can occur within seven to 14 days. Sulfentrazone, a protox inhibitor, works by preventing a key enzyme required for chlorophyll production.

• Tough weed formulation
• Four ingredients
• Contains triclopyr for hard-to-control weeds
• Applies nearly two times more triclopyr than many leading brands
• Oil-based formula cuts through the cuticle of the toughest weeds
• Fast visual response
• Reduces call backs
• Cool-weather weed control option (as low as 50°F)
• Suitable for applications up to 85°F
• Low-odor formulation
• Rainfast in three hours
• Yellow nutsedge suppression
• Designed for residential, commercial and golf sites

Packaging: 2.5 gallon


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