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ProDeuce is a dual action herbicide that combines the pre-emergent, residual activity of prodiamine, with the non-selective, contact control of glyphosate. ProDeuce is intended for landscape and grounds managers, as well as lawn care operators to help alleviate multiple chemical and mechancial weeding applications throughout the growing season. Customers using ProDeuce save time and labor, while benefiting from reduced damage to plant material and fewer hard scrapes caused by mechanical trimmers.

• Unique product that provides the knockdown of glyphosate and the pre-emergent, residual control of prodiamine
• Execellent crabgrass preventer all season long
• Perfect for use on existing weeds and weed-prone areas where weeds have not yet appreared including:
• Cracks and crevices in driveways, sidewalks, walkways and patios
• Along fences, foundations, curbs, retaining walls and edge of lawns
• Around the base or in mulched beds of well-established plants, shrubs or trees
• On gravel areas
• See "Weeds controlled - Pre-Emergent" section of the ProDeuce label for a complete list of weeds controlled

Packaging: 64 oz bottle

a.i.%: Glyphosate 40.15%, Prodiamine 7.51%


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