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Pentra-Bark® penetrating surfactant will take water soluble insecticide, fungicide, pgr, fertilizer into the vascular system of the tree for translocation into foliage or roots.  It eliminates the need to spray foliage, soil drench, bark inject, or pressure inject into soil.

• Time to treat a tree is considerably shorter with Pentra-Bark®.
• Safety concerns are considerably lessened with application only to tree trunk.
• Has been successfully used in midwest in 2007 with Safari for Emerald Ash Borer adult control.
• Recent university test on control of scale in upper parts of tree only from trunk application.
• Recent university test on movement of plant growth regulator into fruit trees to induce branching.

Packaging: 1 quart


Standard shipping methods include:

  • - Forklift delivery from each warehouse location to surrounding areas
  • - UPS, Fed-Ex and/or DHL depending on location

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