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K-Tea™ Aquatic Algaecide

K-Tea™ Aquatic Algaecide

K-Tea algaecide is the best choice for eliminating standing or slow-moving water of unsightly and troublesome planktonic and filamentous algae.
Enjoy the performance and application flexibility K-Tea offers as well as the minimum restrictions for its use on a broad spectrum of algae, including Cyanophyceae (blue-green), Chlorophyceae (green), Diatomaceae (diatoms), and Protozoa (flagellates).

K-Tea carries no restrictions on how soon treated water may be used after application. Water treated with K-Tea can be used immediately for recreation, drinking, livestock watering, golf course, and crop and ornamental plant irrigation.
K-Tea is a copper-based product that has been proven effective with years of use. It works best when applied at the first signs of algal blooms. A unique set of features makes K-Tea a distinctive algaecide with unmatched benefits.

• Effective even in hard water
• May be tank-mixed for broader control
• Quality liquid formulation for long shelf life

Packaging: 2.5 gallon jug


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