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EmbarkĀ® 2-S

Embark® 2-S

Plant Growth Regulator

The world's best known and most versatile plant growth regulator. Mefluidide, the active ingredient in Embark® 2-S, provides landscape managers and other turf professionals with a wide variety of benefits depending on the timing and rate of the application.

Elimination of the stems and seedheads allows energy to be redirected to the development of roots, rhizomes and tillers. The treated turf will tend to stay greener and lusher for extra weeks after the growth hold effect wears off.

  • Enhanced tillering and vibrant green appearance after growth regulation duration
  • Suppresses growth of turfgrasses for up to 8 weeks
  • Best seedhead inhibitor available
  • Can be tank-mixed and applied with certain turf herbicides
  • Low cost
  • Reduced mowing, edging or trimming saves time, labor and equipment
  • Reduces grass clippings and ornamental trimming refuse
  • Suppresses growth of ornamentals for up to 12 weeks

Packaging: 2 x 1 gallon per case


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