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Edgeless Liquid

SePro Edgeless® Liquid Turf Growth Regulator

Edgeless Liquid integrates the patented synergy of two turf growth regulators to control growth of turf grass and reduce string trimming requirements of both warm and cool-season turfgrass. Edgeless is applied as a 6-inch banded application wherever repeated string trimming or edging of turfgrass is required. Proper application of Edgeless can result in up to 8 weeks of growth control, greatly reducing the need for string trimming, resulting in improved profitability by reducing labor and fuel costs.

• Eliminate string trimming for up to 8 weeks
• Easy to follow calibration and application instructions
• Aesthetic improvement over total vegetation herbicide treatments, or unsightly scalping caused by string trimmers
• No damage to the base of trees, wooden fences and posts as with string trimming
• Increased profit from your company's reallocation of labor to other projects

Formulation: 1 lb flurprimidol and 0.41 lbs trinexapae-ethyl per gallon
Active Ingredient: 13.26% Flurprimidol, 5% Trinexapae-ethyl
Packaging: 8 x 2 oz/case
Signal Word: Warning


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