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Delux™ Surfactant Plus AMS Adjuvant

Biodegradable activator surfactant and ammonium sulfate premix enhances performance of glyphosate and certain postemergence herbicides.

Features & Benefits:

•Ideal for use with Manage® and Image® for improved nutsedge control
•Enhances phenoxy control of tough broadleaves like dandelions and thistles
•Activator surfactant provides quick and superior leaf surface coverage for maximum herbicide absorption
•Provides ammonium ions for improved herbicide uptake
•Buffers spray solution and prevents premature pesticide breakdown from alkaline hydrolysis
•Approved for aquatic use with RODEO®

Packaging: 2.5 gallon jug


Standard shipping methods include:

  • - Forklift delivery from each warehouse location to surrounding areas
  • - UPS, Fed-Ex and/or DHL depending on location

    Standard shipping rates and handling fees apply.

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