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CuralanĀ® EG Fungicide

Curalan® EG fungicide

Curalan® EG fungicide provides effective dollar spot control in cool and warm season turfgrasses. Its strong, preventive protection and long residual results in significant cost savings when compared to many other fungicides. When used as directed, Curalan:
• Controls dollar spot.
• Is safe to use on all cool- and warm-season grasses at any stage of growth.
• Lowers labor and materials costs through effective control and long residual.
• Acts as an excellent tank mix partner with strobilurins, thiophanate methyl and chlorothalonil.

Application Rate: Apply at the rate of 1 oz. in 1-4 gallons of water per 1,000 sq.ft. Allow foliage to dry before application. For more information on additives, mixing order, tank mixes, maximum use rates, restricted entry interval and crop specific information, consult the product label.

Packaing: 33 lbs keg


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