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Cool Power®

Cool Power®

Cool Power is a three-way post-emergent selective herbicide that controls dandelions, chickweeds, plantains, oxalis, spurge and a wide range of broadleaf weeds in cool weather conditions. Cool Power's premium ester formulation is ideal for winter weed control, dormant warm season turf and early season applications in transition zones and cool season climates.

• MCPA, Tripclopyr and Dicamba formulation for use in cool weather applications
• Use in 2, 4-D sensitive areas or when maximum 2, 4-D applications have been met
• Premium ester formulation allows for increased plant uptake
• Excellent for winter weed control in dormant warm season turf
• Helps manage stubborn weeds like wild violet, spurge, oxalis and many others
• Compatible with liquid fertilizers and iron
• Golf courses (tees, fairways, aprons, roughs)
• Ornamental lawns, parks, cemetaries, and others

Packaging: 2.5 gallon jugs

a.i.%: 56.14 % MCPA (≈ to 3 lbs/gal), 5% Triclopyr (≈t to .3 lbs/gal), 3.6% Dicamba (≈ to .3 lbs/gal)


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